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9 min readDec 3, 2021

Please seek help if you have suicidal thoughts, or just need to talk to someone. Worldwide:

NDS Suicides who experienced afterlife prison find release only through divine intervention


All 7 of my articles discouraging suicide are now present on my blog page under and click on the word ‘blog’ on the top line right hand end. It will take you straight there. Click on any article you or anyone else might like to read.

I hope you find it as wonderful as I do that God rescued Angie in my final article number 7, and that she has in turn rescued so many who were planning suicide. Today, Angie is a spokesperson against suicide, and travels widely to teach and to warn others against taking their own lives. “Don’t do it. Talk to someone, talk to me, or get into counselling. Medicine has come a long way since my suicide. Seek medical help. If someone in your life is depressed, you must reach out. A person who is suicidal cannot always seek help. We must take responsibility for each other.”

So, please, offer to chat with anyone you see who is depressed.

A special thanks to members of the medical profession who have wholeheartedly promoted my 7 articles — one doctor having contacted over 500 further doctors recommending them — and all comments bar one from those doctors were positive and supportive.

Please promote as widely as you can my seven articles that are now on my blog.


We left Angie Fenimore trapped in an unwanted solitude in the afterlife, pondering her miserable life on earth and her suicide that followed. She knew she had eons to ponder it all, to think it all through, particularly now that she had been shown her detailed Life Review. She pondered and regretted her mistakes and above all — regretted her suicide.

Angie hated the gloomy isolation that she found herself in. A naturally friendly and communicative young woman, her prison environment precluded her from socialising with anyone else. In any case, they were also distraught suicides like herself, contemplating their own lives and missed opportunities.

How might she escape from this afterlife prison to paradise? Jesus’ words in Luke 16:26 ESV about the rich man in the afterlife suggests that personal…

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