I have had a number of supportive emails and comments regarding how I see the issues for the same-sex marriage debate — and one contrary opinion, which is good. He makes the valid point that secularism is marching forward and will decide the societal changes in the future. I agree — to a point — history suggests only a vicious tyrant can reverse secularism, which none of us really wants. Why oppose same-sex marriage then if it is a “done deal”? The question reminds me of an interview Brenda and I had with the famous Dr Sir Alan Walker — the brilliant founder of Lifeline telephone counselling that has saved countless lives from suicide, and helped thousands of others to adopt successful approaches to life’s problems. What is not generally well known is that Dr Walker tried very hard to maintain a six-day working week and everyone to have a free Sunday. A Sunday free from trading enabled families to “play together and stay together”, and Alan felt so strongly about this that he led protests right up to the houses of parliament. For a while, he and fellow protesters were successful, but he knew that they would not succeed long term against the media and the money czars who pull the strings behind the scenes.

“Why did you fight what you knew to be a losing battle?” I asked.

“Because of the marriages and families we saved while we held up the changes,” he replied. “Every person and family is important and we wanted to save as many as we could before another door was closed. This is what Christians must always be prepared to do right until the end. Doors will continue closing in the future, biblical prophecy is quite clear on that, but rescuing individuals while there is still time will always be our goal. If a shipload of people are drowning, the fact that you can only save a few should not stop you doing so.” Whether this is an allusion to Lifeline I do not know, but his wisdom changed the way that I look at “lost causes”. Those individuals we can rescue during the march of self-destructive secularism will always remain a worthwhile approach. Tragically, losing a day of rest has deteriorated and not improved family life as the empty promises claimed it would, and the added stresses have not only increased divorce and family distress and abuse, but associated mental breakdown has also risen alarmingly. The innocent victims in all this are the children, and even the necessary role-modelling for children within families continues to pay a heavy price. A recent research quoted widely revealed that 25% of young people are nowadays suffering depression. On losing a day of rest and relaxation, the white-anting of family life and marriage as a pillar of Western civilisation should be seen as the root cause of much modern stress and failure, and the “new society” simply has not delivered the utopia most people voted for and expected. Quite the reverse. And the consequences of same-sex marriage will prove similarly disastrous in the long run.

Besides the obvious, were there deeper reasons behind the failure of secularism yet again to deliver on its promises regarding Sunday trading?? I deal with these in my upcoming book “Creation: The REALLY big picture”. Meanwhile, please read about the science of Chronobiology, established in the 1940s, and its investigations of how humanity REALLY ticks. Secular theorists were outraged as this science began to publish its findings; it simply did not fit their models of secular advancement by showing all life forms, even the simplest, function chemically on an inexplicable seven-day cycle. Other important cycles found in living things can be explained by the influences of the sun or moon, but not the seven-day cycle that powers life itself. If these secularists had known a little more about science or history, or perhaps not chosen to ignore or discount them as “we can’t explain these things yet but will be able to sometime in the future” which is their common cop-out for not acting on vital information, then brutal honesty would have retained the seven-day week. Other models had been trialled previously that had also failed miserably, but secularists simply could not face the truth and seldom if ever do. What other models? Two leftist revolutions tried “logical” tinkering with the seven-day week and against the rhythms of life — the French Revolution tried to decimalise the week (abject failure) and the Russian communists hoped to increase productivity by trialling different combinations of days of work to days of rest — and were livid to uncover that a seven-day week was the most efficient of all! Not having learnt these lessons, mankind has again tinkered with Sundays being a day of total rest, and family life and the children in particular are paying a distressing toll. Can we return to the proven Sunday rest? It won’t happen. Can we return to marriage being reserved to heterogeneous couples where this has been legislated against? It won’t happen, very sadly and tragically for the future. I repeat, these secularist decisions are not based on known science nor on the lessons of history, and as with other similar “logical” decisions of the past, they will white-ant further the pillars that are holding up our wobbly society and great suffering lies ahead, in particular for our children and grandchildren.

I agree with what Paul Kelly wrote in the respected Australian newspaper:



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