Ron Dick was a Vietnam vet with the 173rd Airborne who served time in prison afterwards on return for dealing drugs. You will meet him again later in Conversion accounts because he became a Christian while in prison. After prison, he became a minister and he and his wife Antoinette lived by faith — never telling anyone of their needs — but instead praying very specifically for each thing they needed. I found Ron to be similar to others I have known who have lived by faith in Jesus to supply every need; he had a gentle manner and a quiet, confident demeanour, appearing to be happy and almost other-worldly. I will let him take up his account in his own words:

Before we could leave for Zimbabwe (as ministers), we required five thousand dollars for air fares and other expenses. We never tell anyone when we have a need; we simply tell Jesus about it and wait and see how he wiil react to fulfil that need. In this case, we had the money within one month.

If anyone thinks Christ’s provision is just coincidence, I challenge you to live for years, as we have, without fixed salary or support and not telling anyone besides Jesus when having specific needs. We have learned to pray for needs right down to the daily petrol, toothpaste, food and so on. Christ has never once failed to meet our needs!

In fact, the incredibly detailed and personal way in which Jesus provides for us shows more than his godly ability, it also shows his individual concern and love for us.

Just how does Christ fulfil these needs in practice, you may be wondering? It varies enormously. Many times on the very same day in which our food supply had been exhausted, a person would come to our house with a cash gift, or a bag of groceries, or whatever else we had need of. In every case it has been a result of a specific request made and known only to God. People usually say something like, “I have been thinking about you and I believe Christ has told me to give you this”.

One time in Dallas it seemed as if Jesus was going to fail to provide for us for the first time ever in our Christian lives. My wife and I sat down to a table with no food at all to eat. We had actually laid the table as an act of faith. Next we gave thanks to Christ for the food he had provided. Then came a knock at the door, and there stood our next door neighbour with a casserole dish in her hands!

She said, “Sorry to disturb you, but I was hoping you could make use of this food. I don’t know why, but I cooked too much for us. Could you make use of the extra?”

Once again Jesus had filled our plates!

Here is another more recent example of how Jesus provides. I had been praying specifically for a 175cc trail motor bike for some months as there was a need to witness for Christ amongst scramble teams of motor bike enthusiasts. As usual, I did not tell anyone else of my prayer request excepting my Lord.

One morning after prayer I felt a leading from God to visit a certain friend. At the time the trail bike was not on my mind. I arrived when he had just come from his daily time of prayer. I was not prepared for what he said to me: “Ron, Christ has just told me to give you my 175cc Yamaha trail bike.”

I was astounded and replied, “You’re kidding. No, I could not accept it.”

He answered, “Don’t rob me of doing what the Lord wants. Jesus said give it, and it shall be given.”

In my previous post about how Jesus provides, I mentioned the example of George Muller, whose diaries provide absolute proof of specific divine provision in response to prayer. He ran an orphanage for many years on prayer alone in the mid-1800s. There were similar accounts to the experiences of Ron and Antoinette Dick, but on a grander scale as there were a large number of orphans, some of whose memories they have recorded independently.

One incident was saying grace for the food when there was none at all and hungry mouths to feed. A knock on the door. A baker’s cart had broken down and he would not be able to deliver the load of bread in time to the town, could they make use of it? Milk then arrived from a local farmer. For interest, no orphans have recorded even once being unfed.

I have just found another book about Muller on my bookcase, “George Muller of Bristol” by Arthur Pierson, The cover proclaims that Muller “received through faith £1,500,000 without asking man for one penny”. I wonder what that would be worth in today’s money? Many millions of pounds no doubt.

There are a number of books about Muller and his orphanage, some more readable than others. I am sure you can find one that suits you through your local library.

Provision in answer to prayer to Jesus proves he is still alive this Easter!!

If you have examples from your own experience, please tell us about them in the Responses box below. Thank you.



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