MODERN EVIDENCE POST 4— His Divine Provision Shows That Jesus is Still Alive This Easter

Jesus wants us in close communication during the day and to obey those little prompts we receive in our spirit while going about our daily lives, such as when weeding in the garden or driving a car. We need to be sure that it is a prompt coming from the Lord and not just a personal thought, so learning to recognise the difference is important. An example? I was driving into central Toowoomba (Queensland) with my one son in the car and stopped at a red traffic light. When it turned green, I felt a strong impulse not to continue driving. This had never happened to me before, nor since. I tried to check why by looking along the crossroad, but a big building prevented my seeing much. At least one car behind me grew impatient and hooted. I felt frozen to the spot and did not move despite the green light. Then a massive semi-trailer truck appeared from the left of the intersection and roared through its red light at high speed.

The next day I mentioned this incident to a small group of students at the school where I was teaching.

The following day one of the pupils told me that he had told his family what I had said and the intersection and timing involved. His dad then confessed he had been the one driving the truck! He had been very tired after driving for many hours and his concentration had simply lapsed!

Sometimes those promptings are somehow “heavier” and are called burdens, often requiring instant prayer. We were breaking up a fellowship meeting at our home when one of these hit me — to pray for my brother. I asked our friends to come back quickly for urgent prayer for him and his safety.

When my brother later on worked backwards in time, he found that during those minutes he had been in an ambush during the war with bullets zinging around him.

There are many examples of Jesus providing divine protection in different ways during times of war. I will quote now from my upcoming book, titled (I think) “God’s Creativity — and You”:

*And closer to home for me in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) was when the personal secretary to the Prime Minister Ian Smith, a lady we knew well, read a detailed military report sent to the Prime Minister that described a weird incident, about which she told Brenda and I. She was a close relative of ours, but not a Christian believer, and in fact on occasion had expressed antagonism to our brand of active Christianity. Nevertheless, knowing we would be interested, she told us that the report detailed how an isolated farmer had been warned secretly by one of his workers that a group of independence fighters was coming to kill him that very night. He had no way of escape, and so spent the night praying on his knees, imploring Jesus to save his life.

The following morning, an army patrol captured some of the African fighters who had surrounded his farmhouse that same night, but who had panicked and run away instead. Those captives explained that when they were about to attack, a line of large white figures appeared in front of them, filling them with terror.

That army report listed the weapons and other scattered gear that the soldiers had collected from around the farmhouse, which had been abandoned by the terrified, fleeing men the previous night.

I will end these examples with a personal one that happened to me during the war in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). I received a letter from Brenda in which she told me the Lord had prompted her to tell me to read Psalm 91. She is not one to suggest specific readings for me from the Bible, and I did so carefully several times. I found it to be a Psalm promising protection that begins:

1) He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High

shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

2) I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress:

my God; in him will I trust.

Further along it reassured me not to fear (verse 6) “the destruction that wasteth at noonday (midday)”.

Soon afterwards, on patrol, I carried a grenade on my belt that had become a little rusty for some unknown reason. My patrol leader, a brave young man, decided it could be faulty and to throw it into a deserted mud hut, because the walls and grass roof would protect against shrapnel. Around midday, he found a suitable hut. He asked whether I might like to throw it instead of him. I hesitated briefly, then said probably not as I had no experience with grenades. He went, pulled the pin, and then tossed it into the hut.

Nothing happened. After what he considered a suitable delay, he went inside the hut, at which time the grenade exploded and killed him.

The midday destruction had indeed passed me by, but the life of a fine young man and good leader had been taken. Why not me instead? It could have blown up earlier on my belt, for example. My only suggestion is that the Lord makes the decisions about the time of our deaths and that was not my time; indeed, he had pre-warned me not to fear the destruction at noonday.

If you have examples of how Jesus has protected you in the past, big or small, why not add them below in the Responses box?

The next post will be in lighter vein — how Jesus can help us find lost things! Most praying Christians will know all about that!! From personal experience and accounts I have heard, we are a pretty hopeless bunch where keys, wallets, spectacles etc etc are concerned!



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