Ivan Rudolph
4 min readNov 9, 2021

Life can be tough but there are always friends and counsellors to lift you through the bad patches!

Helping struggling people over the hump of problems that are overwhelming them is vital. Why? An analysis of studies suggests that only 1 in 25 of those who attempt suicide will die of suicide afterwards within 5 years (New York Times Nov 7 2016. Note this was before Covid muddied the waters). Expressed positively, only 4 in a hundred who attempt suicide will successfully suicide later — while 96 of them will be saved, and most will subsequently live successful, fulfilling lives.

Following my first article discouraging suicide, I received a very supportive email from Rev. Dave Smethurst in which he described how as a chaplain to the Olympics, Paralympics, Rugby World Cup and Commonwealth Games, he has “been privileged to ‘pull’ men back from suicide, mainly when they failed to win a medal (and they should have) through their own neglect and stupidity” saying he still keeps in touch with them and their families, “who are so grateful to have their husbands and fathers back, as a ‘new man’. I have visited their countries a couple of years afterwards and have been given wonderful platforms of opportunities to share the gospel publicly to other high-profile people”

David provided them with fresh vision for their futures.

By promoting my articles, you too may help to rescue someone contemplating suicide. Please recommend and click on “blog” top line and it opens directly to my list of articles discouraging suicide — with more to come.

Let’s meet prominent cardiologist Maurice Rawlings, who served President Dwight Eisenhower and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He did not believe in NDEs, but his experiences while reviving clinically dead patients convinced him of survival after death. But did all suicides have unpleasant experiences, he wondered? He noticed that a few of the suicides that he revived from apparent death were terrified and blurted out descriptions of their unpleasant afterlife experiences, but when he visited them just hours later they would have no memory of what they had told him! Could it be their memories were so disturbing that, to continue functioning efficiently, the brain had already consigned those experiences to deeper levels of the subconscious?

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