It was my first experience of a power of evil and was unbidden. There were four of us in the room. My fiancé, Brenda, was sitting on my knee and on the sofa across from us were my good friend, Pete, and his girlfriend Jane. I cannot remember why, but Jane was saying something about “earthbound spirits” when the atmosphere between them and us seemed to fill with threatening power feeling as if the air itself vibrated.

Brenda leapt off my lap and yelled out “Jane it’s you!”

I turned my head sideways and yelled, “Yes, Jane, it’s you,” because the power seemed to us to emanate from her. She and Pete also ran out the room in fear, closely followed by me.

Brenda and I were scared silly and went to my room at the University, but each time our thoughts strayed to this horrible experience, the thoughts seemed to act like a magnet for that threatening presence. Consequently, until daylight, we chatted away and stuck postage stamps from my collection onto cards that were sold at a local stationery shop to collectors. I needed the money, but most of all needed something to distract my thinking from returning to that “unclean spirit” (as we came to know it later). Some primordial instinct seemed to kick in and we somehow knew that whatever this “thing” was, it wanted to enter us, and that thinking about it provided the pathway for this to happen.

I learnt that night the difference between fear and terror. Fear is when someone is threatening you with a knife or similar: terror is when you are in the presence of pure evil. That spirit caused terror whenever it approached me.

In the days that followed, the other three seemed free from that evil presence, although I could not be sure because we never discussed it with Pete and Jane, fearing that simply talking about it might somehow give it an entry.

Did that ominous power really come from Jane? In retrospect I doubt it, although she had told us previously that her father was a spirit medium. We learnt later that some students nearby had been playing with a ouija board in an attempt to call up spirits, so perhaps they had stirred things up? At the time, though, we had felt that the evil power had come from Jane, whether it had or not. Next time I saw Jane she was wearing a gold cross, but we never did discuss the incident with her as it had been too strange and frightening. Consequently, I never found out what she thought.

The force of evil appeared to have left the others, but did not leave me. As soon as it was dark I could feel it entering my university room. I would keep the light on all night, but could still feel it there. I often lay in bed with eyes open and too scared to sleep. I stopped attending lectures as I was too tired, and would catch a little sleep wherever I could during daylight before the night-time vigil began.

Then one night when I did drop off to sleep, this thing pulled off my blanket. That terrified me.

I reached a point of desperation, unsure how much longer I could hold out. I quietly broached the subject with Brenda, who reassured me that it had not troubled her since. But what could I do?

Although coming from a non-Christian home, I knew instinctively that I needed help from a Christian minister. But who? I had been baptised in the Presbyterian church as a baby, but our family did not attend afterwards excepting for weddings and suchlike. Nevertheless, I approached the local Presbyterian minister for his help. He obviously did not believe me! Fat lot of help that was.

Brenda had been raised a Catholic, so I phoned a local Catholic church. Yes, they did believe in releasing people from evil spirits, but was I a Catholic? Had I received a Catholic baptism? As I wasn’t and hadn’t, it became obvious he hadn’t an interest in helping me.

I had some smart friends in the science subjects I was studying, but when I tentatively raised my problem with them, it was totally outside their experience and they could offer no solutions. I could see from the way they looked at me that they also did not fully believe me, and perhaps were even wondering about my mental state.

Exhausted, believing no help to be available and knowing I could not hold out much longer from this evil presence, I called out one night to Jesus “if you exist” to rescue me! I can tell you, this was a cry of REAL desperation!

At once, something happened that has not happened since, although I wish it would. I felt a warm peace flow through me from my head right to my toes. That evil presence left the room at once and I simply basked in the most wonderful feeling of peace imaginable. For the remainder of that night I slept like a baby again, feeling absolutely secure.

That terrifying presence never returned; I knew it wouldn’t.

I had learnt two vital facts that I tried to ignore for years until I could do so no longer:

1. There is a real force of evil on earth that is beyond us doing anything about ourselves. It hides itself as a rule, but it is there.

2. Jesus Christ is more powerful than that force and total master of it.

During my Christian inexperience, I have been there during an exorcism when Jesus dealt with evil spirits. The two points above have still proved absolutely valid.

Jesus is both alive this Easter, and still doing things!



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