Ivan Rudolph
1 min readFeb 18, 2021
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I have been sent theories how Bill Gates and others are locked in a worldwide conspiracy to enslave us all and similar conjectures. I have not responded to these because with my science training I deal in facts not conjecture, and reliable facts have been hard to come by, until those now coming out of Israel. I got another long rant in my emails just now, and here is how I responded — and I hope you agree.

“Wonderful isn’t it, that the death rate from covid is dropping dramatically in the first nation to vaccinate a significantly large proportion of its population — i.e. Israel — and that the UK is already seeing encouraging results. Rejoice with Christians like myself who never joined in with the stupid and awfully damaging conspiracy theories, although the damage will endure and will lose millions to the Kingdom. Terribly sad and disastrous for the Lord’s work isn’t it? Time for repentance and apologies!!!

Bless you as you begin damage control.


Ivan (Rudolph)

Ivan Rudolph

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