Ivan Rudolph
4 min readNov 21, 2021

Those who opt out on earth by suiciding spend an uncomfortable time in the afterlife in isolation — forced to ponder, and thereby learn from, their troubled lives on earth.

As part of this learning process, it appears that God may shift suicides (and others) to different afterlife venues to broaden their development in further worthwhile directions.

In article 5 we will begin the probe into some of these “change of venue” experiences of suicides in the afterlife. While this is a vast, insightful and ultimately encouraging topic, we can only open a tiny window for us to look through in this short article.

But, wait for it, the topic will be pursued in greater depth in the two remaining topics 6 and 7!

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Suicides generally find themselves imprisoned in the afterlife. But this can be the beginning of a steep learning curve to their eternal benefit.

A depressed 20-year-old B J McKelvie overdosed and said before dying, “God please forgive me for what I have done”.

He found himself in total darkness. “There was no ground, no sky, nothing around me except total darkness. It is hard to imagine but I was “nowhere”. There was no light….

Then I heard a voice. This voice was the most angry, big, deep and powerful voice you could ever imagine…as if it could crush you. “Those who commit suicide go nowhere” spoke the voice. It came from up and behind me over my right shoulder and I couldn’t see anyone there.

I said to myself “I really did it” and then torment started…. I was totally alone…

Now, after what seemed to be hours, “you’re not getting a second chance” spoke that voice again. I knew that my hell was starting….

One last time the voice spoke “You’re not getting a second chance — but a new beginning”. This time the voice was so soft and gentle and full of the most love you could imagine”.

I finally woke out of a coma in intensive care with my family at my bedside. I went on to have a full recovery.”



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