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PLEASE SEEK HELP IF YOU HAVE SUICIDAL THOUGHTS. International Suicide & Emergency Hotlines are at:

Every life has a purpose, but it can be hard to find. Don’t despair, just hang in there!


Many cautions against suicide give examples where failed suicides have ended up with horrendous injuries, or just how devastated family and friends have been by the attempt. I am looking at consequences at the other end, where suicides have been apparently successful and the person’s spirit has entered the afterlife, during an NDE (near death experience). This is the end-game and we have now hundreds of accounts of NDEs to analyse.

What is this end-game for suicides? That is the ultimate question. Just how successful an escape from problems can a suicide achieve?

Some years into my interviews and investigations of Near Death Experiences, I was asked by a concerned relative to counsel with a suicidal teenager. This lad’s Rockstar hero had suicided and he wanted to kill himself to join his hero in the afterlife. I did not know anything about the singer concerned, Kurt Cobain, but I was able to assure the youngster that he would NOT be allowed to join Cobain in the afterlife! Definitely not!

According to my interviews and the hundreds of accounts of returnees that I had access to, suicides were consigned to certain afterlife venues about which they had no choice, and from which they could not personally escape. They were left to themselves to reflect on their suicide and the circumstances and choices that had led up to it.

The lad said little but I knew I was getting through.

His relative told me a few months later that he had NOT suicided.

Years later, I spoke to the same relative and was delighted to learn that the young man’s life, work and relationships were all going well. What a relief! It had been a near thing!!

Every life has a purpose, but you can miss it if you suicide, and then you will usually experience afterlife isolation and time to reflect on the things that you did badly.



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