SOS! My family and I were facing imminent death and enslavement by evil forces, a doom that was going to take place starting at MIDNIGHT, how apt and spooky is that? It’s tricky trying to escape from reaching MIDNIGHT, you are absolutely trapped unless you can knock together a time machine in short order. WE were doomed, doomed, I tell you DOOMED!!

That our impending doom was to be ushered in by a Y2K bug at midnight was proposed by many individuals and groups, quoting from wiki,

A variety of fringe groups and individuals such as those within some fundamentalist

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I have been sent theories how Bill Gates and others are locked in a worldwide conspiracy to enslave us all and similar conjectures. I have not responded to these because with my science training I deal in facts not conjecture, and reliable facts have been hard to come by, until those now coming out of Israel. I got another long rant in my emails just now, and here is how I responded — and I hope you agree.

“Wonderful isn’t it, that the death rate from covid is dropping dramatically in the first nation to vaccinate a significantly large proportion of its population — i.e. Israel — and that the UK is already seeing encouraging results. Rejoice with Christians like myself who never joined in with the stupid and awfully damaging conspiracy theories, although the damage will endure and will lose millions to the Kingdom. Terribly sad and disastrous for the Lord’s work isn’t it? Time for repentance and apologies!!!

Bless you as you begin damage control.


Ivan (Rudolph)

With a science background, on becoming a Christian in my mid-20s, I spent some time investigating genuine miracles until convinced of their existence in modern life — you know the sort of thing, x-rays before and after the miracle, letters from the doctor, other health professional, or the miracle-receiver.

Once convinced that miracles were occurring, the question became why were so few healed compared to all the prayers that were said?

Considering 3 definite physical miracles that occurred in our own immediate family, I was surprised that each was so very different BUT EACH HAD A DEEP LESSON ATTACHED. I…



After the difficulties of this pandemic year, it is good to focus on the eternal significance of the birth of Jesus: “A SAVIOUR IS BORN”!!!!

My last two books, “Your Origin and Destiny” and “Living Beyond: Making Sense of Near Death Experiences” — serve you as kind of guides to your LIFE AND DESTINY, including your future afterlife experiences. If you have found them helpful, please recommend them to friends and on social media.

Jesus identified some pinnacles in developing Love that few will reach…

Jesus Christ is the only founder of a religion reliably identified in the afterlife. This fact was confirmed to me by Jeffrey Long MD, the founder and analyst of the extensive NDERF website.

Fortunately, most children have not been prejudiced against Jesus from a young age. PMH Atwater notes that pictures of the ‘holy one’ seen in the afterlife demonstrate a strange consistency amongst children of mixed cultures.

“It is striking that child experiencers of near-death states tend not to mix up racial skin tones, as do adults. Example: most Western children that I am aware of see Jesus as…

Next year 2021 must be restoring life to normality, helping and loving in practical ways both our family and our community. We will have to work hard to rescue some semblance of normality, and practical love will be central to our success.

I ended previously with the question, “now that you know better who God REALLY is, what could be your destiny with this God?”

Begin by looking at life as though you were a baby in a playpen, put here to learn things in a protected environment that you will take with you into an exciting afterlife. For example…

“God is Love” declares the Bible. So what advice does God give about Love in the afterlife? You will be surprised at the insights given in my two books “Living Beyond” and “Your Origin and Destiny”.

RaNelle Wallace was given this insight during her NDE: ‘Love isn’t simply a word or an emotion; Love is a power that gives action to all around it. Love is the power of life.’

Relationships are always the anvil on which love is shaped. Loving relationships on Earth, primarily family ones, are thereby the supreme training ground for developing Love — for all of…

Originally “charakter” was the name given to any engraving instrument e.g. a seal, by which a person’s identification could be determined — a seal with his personal imprint would identify what belonged to a king. Later, it came to mean that distinguishing mark itself made on the wax, clay or stone. Subsequently it passed into our language meaning the distinguishing marks cut into the nature of a person.

Personality is related to what we show externally to the world; character is related to our inner nature. …

A visual life review is given to many who have been in the afterlife for a while. During it you may see significant things you have done or even thought! Yes, an amazingly detailed record exists of your life, good and bad. God the Father is often present. IT IS NOT A JUDGEMENT, the Day of Judgement is a future event for us all. The Life Review is instead an instructional exercise.

Life Reviews are purpose driven, not process or venue driven. …

Brenda and I watched TV recently about estrangement within families. Without exception, all the bitter problems stemmed from a lack of practical love.

The Bible reveals that “God is Love” (1John 4:8), and the central message of the gospel of our salvation is predicated by this (John 3:16).

We all know that love involves, among much else, very powerful emotions. We mirror our Father in having powerful emotions.
I will emphasise God’s emotions in various scriptures below, to draw attention to them:

God “feels” things intensely — we read of his anger burning (Isaiah 5:25) and in Genesis 6:6 that…

Ivan Rudolph

Australian author of 13 books , see My new book “Your Origin and Destiny” is original and ground-breaking. It answers who you REALLY are!!

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